We have a new release today!

It’s the 7th solo album by Zavoloka.

Ornament” bears 7 entrancing tracks that delve into Zavoloka’s reflection on the symbol of a sonic ornament, a message carrier that dictates a set of harmonious energies dancing through time and space. The patterns of rhythmic repetition and geometric undertones embroider the symbol of the ornament, enhancing the expression of feeling spirit. High frequencies and low pulsations contrast with slow and fast energies all while maintaining the impeccable curves in the harmonious flow, engaging in the conscious ritual of awareness of pure thoughts to create the unique. This record traces power into other dimensions, encrypting intent with the ornament, weaving oscillations into the fabric of existence, exploding into the immeasurable.

Zavoloka’s latest record “Ornament” lures us into a deeper level of consciousness in an enigmatic and all-encompassing display of abstract art and music, representing her desire to erase the confinements that traditional creativity upholds.

“Ornament” released as:
– 12” red Vinyl, which also contains the poster with the concept inside of the sleeve.
– Digital download.

Listen and order: