VARIÁT just released new collaboration work

Our sub-label I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free just released a new EP “The Well For The Thirsty” from Monolog & Variát.

“In the realm of sonic exploration and artistic activism, the collaborative project between Danish artist Monolog (Mads Lindgren) and Ukrainian creative entity Variát (Dmytro Fedorenko) transcends conventional music boundaries.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse musical palette and various art forms, the duo embarks on a sonic journey that fuses elements of experimental electronic music, heavy metal, and drum and bass.

The name of the EP “The Well For The Thirsty” comes as an artistic reference to an old metaphoric Ukrainian movie filmed in 1965. Back then the movie was immediately censored and forbidden to be shown right after it was made, and it came out to the public only in 1987.

The film’s director Yurii Illenko was one of the creators of the Ukrainian Poetic Cinema movement that provoked a massive wave of repressions against Ukrainian cinema and its authors, and this movement became one of the strongest statements of artistic resistance in Ukraine. Surrealist and psychedelic ethnographic Ukrainian art films would be considered as a major threat to the nationality policies of the soviets.

And this fight still continues, and our enemy is still the same.”

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