Variát in Post-Muzica series

Today as a part of Post-Muzica series there will be a premiere of audio-visual work from Variát “For The Heart Of Kyiv”

”Some fights are old, some have roots in ancient times, embedded in myths and legends, carrying the spirit from one generation to another. Our enemy would come with different names and different faces, but always with the same deathwish for us. Today they call themselves russians, before they were soviets, earlier they were muscovites. They want us to obey, or to die. They can’t exist without us, and they can’t accept our existence. They want us to become them, but for us, it is worse than death. Over and over again, century after century, generation after generation we rise from the ashes and carry on our fire of freedom and great love to life. And this fight today must be the last one. This monster, this last inhumane empire called russia must finally stop existing. We, Ukrainians, together with many other nations which suffered so much for such a long time, deserve to have a future where we breathe and develop freely. This fight, this great total war is not for territory or history, this war is for the spirit of freedom, for the light against darkness. And our victory will detonate countless other nations on their leap toward liberation, and this will change the world and start a new era. We don’t know when this war will end, but we know how. Glory to freedom, glory to life!”

(Dmytro Fedorenko)

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