Freq_wave with the sound from Zavoloka

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A freq_wave is a rogue wave: unpredictable, sudden and impacting with tremendous force.

“freq_wave: seven seas” begins today with the first oceanic trajectory featuring the work of 12 sound artists and artist groups united in a monster wave to bring oceanic creativity to the fore. The first in a series of seven releases, meandering around the trajectories of TBA21-Academy’s latest long-term research commission, Territorial Agency: Oceans in Transformation, explores the aquatic sounds of the trajectory North Sea to Red Sea, highlighting the hidden ecosystems of the Ocean through a web-based sound installation to call attention to the threatened soundscapes of the sea.

“freq_wave: seven seas” is a collaborative sound project unleashing 84 rouge sound artists for the Ocean. Curated by Carl Michael von Hausswolff, co-curated by Alonso Vázquez and commissioned by TBA21-Academy, the project will gradually unfold on the online platform Ocean Archive.

Here are the first frequency: Tommi Grönlund and Petteri Nisunen, BJ Nilsen, Dungeon Acid, BJ Nilsen, Klara Lewis, Jonny Nash and Esmee Geerken, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Dorit Chrysler, John Duncan, Zavoloka, Francisco Meirino, Peter Rehberg, Bethan Kellough.

Zavoloka’s frequency range – 500-1000 Hz:
“I would like to dedicate my track called Afalina to the Ukrainian Crimea. Twelve years ago, when I last visited the Crimea peninsula on the Black Sea coast in the wild in a tent, we watched dolphins hunting for fish every night, and we had a late dinner with them at the same time. They have their own language and signature whistles with a unique frequency curve, so I decided to synthesize these sounds of a fun conversation between dolphins in the sea. Now I can not go there, since Crimea has been occupied by Russia, but these sounds are reminiscent of a very wonderful trip to nature.”

Mixer 1: North Sea to Red SeaBy interacting with the ocean’s audial phenomena, we can reveal hidden ecosystems and begin to recognize our effects upon them. This platform invites you to mix the individual works of the artists from freq_wave 1: North Sea to Red Sea, and form your own relationship with the oceanic soundscape.

The North Sea to Red Sea trajectory departs from the peatlands of Scotland, weaving its way across Europe and settling in the Gulf of Aden. It is a trajectory characterized by rapid modification, pertaining to newly intensified circulations of goods, people and fuel. Taking Venice as its focal point, it highlights how apparently distant phenomena, such as supply chains, can disrupt and transform small-scale ecologies. The artists within this group have been selected for their familiarity with the region, their interest in the trajectory’s themes, or their orientation towards particular oceanic sounds. This group features; John Duncan, Bethan Kellough, Klara Lewis, Francisco Meirino, B.J Nilsen, Peter Rehberg, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Zavoloka.


ZAVOLOKA’s new track “ARKAN” is out now!

Eclectique – “OSMOSIS” compilation:


Zavoloka live at SUPERBOOTH20

Watch ZAVOLOKA‘s live-set for SUPERBOOTH20 in PART 4 – SUPERBOOTH aftershow events:


Zavoloka is among best IDM tracks according to Plaid


Skittish and on the edge of dance.


Kotra & Zavoloka with a special release on Kvitnu

Today KVITNU turns 13 years!

And this time we decided to make a quite unusual release for our birthday.In September 2019 Ukrainian singer and veteran of Russian-Ukrainian war Anastasia Shevchenko (СТАСІК / Stasik) released her song “Lullaby for the enemy”. The frankness and true radicality of this song amazed us, and immediately after the video for this song came out, we (Kotra and Zavoloka) offered to Anastasia to make remixes to Lullaby, and she accepted our offer.

We will not write additional concepts. This song’s text already contains it all.Song lyrics are provided in three versions – Ukrainian, Russian and English. You’ll get them together with the music.

Original video of this song –

More about Стасік (Stasik) on her web sites:

Like some of our previous releases for the anniversary of the label, this one also comes in two formats – a free download for everyone, and a 7 ” vinyl that will be produced as a special, limited in time, on-demand edition.The final amount produced depends on how many pre-orders we will get during first two weeks after a release date. Then orders are closed and no more copies are planned for additional pressing.We will announce final amount of the edition, which will be hand numbered on each cover.

Release page: