Neural about Radness Methods

“‘Assemblage Tremor’, the first track on Radness Method, the latest solo work from Dmytro Fedorenko, aka Kotra, is a relentless and fierce introduction and brings us back to the early days of the Ukrainian artist’s career. Ritual drum music and intense rhythmic techniques are referenced throughout this latest offering and are felt in the stomach… Continue reading Neural about Radness Methods

Radio On Berlin with Dmytro Fedorenko

Radio On’s friendship with Dmytro started in the winter of 2013-2014. In a weekly series of skype connections we listened to his reports from the Maidan uprising. Those events turned out to be decisive in the further development of Ukraine as an independent state. Russia didn’t agree with the new government. The war in Donbass,… Continue reading Radio On Berlin with Dmytro Fedorenko