Variát “I Can See Everything From Here”

Pioneering Ukrainian multimedia artist Dmytro Fedorenko inaugurates new project Variát with debut album ‘I Can See Everything From Here’

Through dissonant noise poetry, corrosive synthesis, and subtle seeds of interiority and folk song, VARIÁT creates a sound world of austere urban psychedelia, invoking themes of primitivism and mysticism within the volatile currents of a contemporary digital era.

Conceived in 2020 as a provocative creative outlet, VARIÁT is founded on ideas of transgression, reinvention, and liberation, the consequence of observing prescribed artistic boundaries and pursuing new depths of aesthetic freedom. The project began as an exploration of new recording techniques: metallic materials used as percussion and channelled through blown amps, toms played with a hammer, drilled cymbals, raw, dimensional textures produced from found objects.

For the project’s debut album ‘I Can See Everything From Here’ a library of recordings rooted in musique concrète initiated countless sessions of seismic, discordant guitar noise and overloaded detonations of low end. Synthesizers calibrated and treated to sound like traditional instrumentation, rhythms of deluge and disarray. Compositions constructed with an intent to preserve their original modality; the chaotic spark of their inception.

The artwork created for ‘I Can See Everything From Here’ is an aquarelle (watercolour) painting, an ink-based projection that mirrors the sound of the album with dense, fragmentary shades of black and extensive tendrils of detail. A microcosmic depiction of the graphic power that defines ‘I Can See Everything From Here’.

‘I Can See Everything From Here’ is available on clear & marbled black vinyl and digital formats.

Music (guitar, bass, synthesizers & drums) by Dmytro Fedorenko.
Artwork (aquarelle paintings) by Dmytro Fedorenko.
Design by Zavoloka.
Mastering and lacquer cut by Noel Summerville.

Release date: 10.09.2021
Formats: LP / Download