Neural about Radness Methods

“‘Assemblage Tremor’, the first track on Radness Method, the latest solo work from Dmytro Fedorenko, aka Kotra, is a relentless and fierce introduction and brings us back to the early days of the Ukrainian artist’s career. Ritual drum music and intense rhythmic techniques are referenced throughout this latest offering and are felt in the stomach as opposed to the mind. The album consists of abstract aural moments rather than musical events, and these abstract moments explore different states of reality. Even without the artist declaring anything, some will find ‘punching’, ‘warrior’ or other metaphors of resistance in this work. In fact, the resistance we find is the same one that lead to the closure of Kvitnu – ‘a new beginning’, discovering opportunities in moments of crisis to create even more radical change. This is the essence of industrial sound – an urban, primordial experience that subverts the alienation of conformity by penetrating the contemporary. There is no middle ground, and the mixes on this album, from brutal industrial to cold electronica, cultivate a metallic, unfamiliar and restless force. Radness Methods is an addition to the catalogue of Prostir, the new project from Kateryna Zavoloka and Dmytro Fedorenko.”

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