Industrial Complexx reviewed VARIÁT

VARIÁT is the new musical project created by Dmytro Fedorenko, an Ukrainian artist with a long career in the field of sound and multimedia research. His 3 decades as an active artist and promoter make him one of his country’s greatest exponents of experimental music, and although there are many projects in which he has been involved, it is worth mentioning that in addition to VARIÁT, he has also signed his work since the late 90s as Kotra, and has directed the Kvitnu label until recently, and is also the head of Prostir together with Kateryna Zavoloka, his partner in the Cluster Lizard duo.

VARIÁT makes his debut with an album released on his label Prostir. I Can See Everything From Here is an 8-track in which Fedorenko shows us a transgressive behaviour and an extreme sonic treatment. However, the final process only dissolves different frequency ranges, subjected to a low fidelity, but this does not mean that VARIÁT’s work is devoid of other factors such as musicality and harmonic conjugation, as each cut has its own story and a unique modus operandi.

Within this album we can appreciate different primary elements, both rhythmic and melodic, and from synthesized machines to other stringed instruments or handmade percussion. VARIÁT demonstrates with I Can See Everything From Here their creative mastery from different scenarios. This release defines very well the sonic perception that this artist has accumulated over the years.