FAZE mag reviewed Kotra

By layering deafening sounds with beats like sledgehammers, Kotra has mixed together a powerful salad of industrial and techno with “Radness Methods”. The opener “Assemblage Tremor” is a dark, distorted beast that slowly etches itself into a certain groove. “Phase Transitions” picks up right there and it quickly becomes clear that this is the idea of the whole album. The whole work could also be a good original score for a dystopian end-time film or for a psychological thriller by David Fincher. Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross or Tom Holkenborg would certainly enjoy it. Kotra’s latest work is aggressive, distorted, droning, loud and then takes it to the extreme at the end with “To The Metal”. Let’s put it this way: “Radness Method” is probably less suitable for meditating or learning vocabulary. But if you want to test the limits of your subwoofer, you will have fun with this. A little secret tip: Tell your buddy to play the 10-minute album “Quantum Presence”, but turn up the sound system secretly beforehand.