Dive deep into dissonant noise poetry from VARIÁT

from The Calvert Journal


VARIÁT is a new project from sound artist Dmytro Fedorenko. Now based in Berlin, Fedorenko is one of Ukraine’s most prolific pioneers of electronic music, working under aliases including Kotra and Cluster Lizard (together with the artist Kateryna Zavoloka). Fedorenko also works with video, photography, and painting, forging a complete, immersive landscape from the depths of his multi-disciplinary creativity. VARIÁT continues that tradition, allowing listeners to dive deep into what the artist describes as “dissonant noise poetry”.

VARIÁT blends ambient and metal with influences from psychedelic music and folk songs. One track in particular, “I Can See Everything From Here”, is a deep soundscape which fluctuates between being meditative, mysterious, and intense, although the record is better digested as a whole rather than in separate songs. In the wider wall of sound, genres melt away, making this a record which will awaken something different in everyone — and a journey worth embarking on.

Why you need to listen: Fedorenko’s project is not for the faint-hearted, but it is an experience guaranteed to broaden your musical horizons. By questioning genre boundaries, the project invites listeners to push beyond the novelty and immediacy which drive the contemporary music industry, and spend their time instead getting lost inside a cacophony that is constantly asking new questions.