Zavoloka “Amulet” LPs arrived

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LPs of Zavoloka’s recently released album “Amulet” just arrived!

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Slava Ukraini!


Zavoloka’s new album “Amulet” is on the lists of the Best albums of 2022

The new album “Amulet” is on the lists of the Best albums of 2022 by Hipersónica and CDM.

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Radness Methods in Top 2022

Kotra with his album Radness Methods is in Top 2022 by Indie Rock Magazine

“Radness Methods with implosive beats and deteriorated synths, summoning a sort of massive and saturated polyphonic trance at the borders of IDM, techno and pure sonic terrorism.”


We have a new release!

A new album from Zavoloka “Amulet”

Ability for the impossible.

Ukrainian folk instruments dissolve into abstract psychoactive sounds from the improvisational universe. The meditative engine of multi-instrumental music drives the magical means of influencing perception. This is the sonic amulet, which is decorated with radiant tones and the colorful ceremonial musical outline. Mythological music is spirited by epic historical times and ideas of freedom, dignity, and bravery. The acquired knowledge of ancient generations is infused into the present tense and crystallized into the art of liberation.

Transform pain into gratitude, fear into love, rage into action, self-importance into empathy, fatigue into inner peace, anxiety into courage, and hatred into strength. Say “no” to darkness and direct the light on it, disagree to compromise with yourself, create on the destroyed, free yourself from stipulations, believe in wonders, burn and resurrect free. Always remember your own path to walk.
And plant the blossoming cherry tree in the funnel from the bomb on the heart.

Dedicated to free Ukraine.

Released as LP and download
by Prostir and I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free

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We are 4 years old today.

Thank you for listening to our music.


Upcoming events in November 2022

Kotra live at the mixed media art exhibition RISE
at Gisela Freier Kunstraum Lichtenberg, Giselastraße 12, 10317 Berlin, Germany

9 – 13.11.2022 12:00-17:00
Pop-up label’s shop of I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free + Prostir
at Vestre, Vestre Skostredet 2, Bergen, Norway

12.11.2022 21:00
Zavoloka live at Østre, Østre Skostredet 3, Bergen, Norway

Cluster Lizard live at Disruptive Territory, Soma, Berlin, Germany


Cluster Lizard live at Inne Brzmienia festival

Cluster Lizard live at Inne Brzmienia festival, in Lublin, Poland.

8th of July 2022

Photos by Robert Grablewski, Katarzyna Anna Kubiak & Alicja Miękina


Variát “For The Heart Of Kyiv”

As a part of Post-Muzica series


Variát in Post-Muzica series

Today as a part of Post-Muzica series there will be a premiere of audio-visual work from Variát “For The Heart Of Kyiv”

”Some fights are old, some have roots in ancient times, embedded in myths and legends, carrying the spirit from one generation to another. Our enemy would come with different names and different faces, but always with the same deathwish for us. Today they call themselves russians, before they were soviets, earlier they were muscovites. They want us to obey, or to die. They can’t exist without us, and they can’t accept our existence. They want us to become them, but for us, it is worse than death. Over and over again, century after century, generation after generation we rise from the ashes and carry on our fire of freedom and great love to life. And this fight today must be the last one. This monster, this last inhumane empire called russia must finally stop existing. We, Ukrainians, together with many other nations which suffered so much for such a long time, deserve to have a future where we breathe and develop freely. This fight, this great total war is not for territory or history, this war is for the spirit of freedom, for the light against darkness. And our victory will detonate countless other nations on their leap toward liberation, and this will change the world and start a new era. We don’t know when this war will end, but we know how. Glory to freedom, glory to life!”

(Dmytro Fedorenko)

– – – – –

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Kotra “Radness Methods” review from In Your Eyes Zine

Kotra arriva dalla martoriata Ucraina, vive a Berlino e propone un’elettronica molto profonda e che scardina molti steccati di genere.

Il suo ultimo lavoro Radness Methods esce per Prostir ed è un concentrato di techno, dark ambient, ebm e tanto altro. Il suono di Kotra è uno spazio fisico dove in una dilatazione spazio temporale troviamo molte cose, dal dolore all’aggressività, forme non lineari di suoni musicali che si intersecano con rumori e generazioni di macchine che trovano uno sfogo.

Uno dei punti principali della poetica di Kotra è sempre stato quello di spingere al limite sia il corpo che la mente attraverso suoni anche fastidiosi, ed infatti Radness Methods è un disco spesso disturbante, che riprende la lezione dei Throbbing Gristle nel dare fastidio e nel non lasciare mai indifferente l’ascoltatore, sia nel bene che nel male. Kotra non produce musica che possa essere vissuta in maniera innocua come intrattenimento o svago, la sua produzione è piuttosto un bisturi che taglia in profondità, recidendo carne ed ossa, fino ad arrivare al succulento midollo.

In alcune tracce la saturazione sonora raggiunge livelli molto alti, riempendo lo spazio e le orecchie dell’ascoltatore. La produzione è ottima e strutturata in maniera differente rispetto al prodotto medio elettronico di consumo, qui non c’è da consumare nulla, ma solo da fare questa esperienza che può essere anche dolorosa, ma che porta molto più di quanto toglie.

Quasi un’esperienza sciamanica, tribù sonora che oltrepassa le comuni porte della musica per arrivare direttamente a quelle della percezione.

Ci sono momenti, come nella bellissima Quantum Presence, dove i bassi sono pugni di giganti cosmici direttamente all’interno della terra, al suo stesso cuore, e si raggiunge un’altissima intensità, un continuum di apici e di sensazioni.

Kotra è uno sperimentatore umano, nel senso che esplora i propri limiti e quelli degli altri messi di fronte ad una musica che è difficile chiamare tale, ma che è un respiro di altri mondi, una grammatica marziana che ci apparteneva ma che abbiamo dimenticato, focalizzati sulle nostre piccole e meschine cose.

Disco che prende il cervello e lo lega al corpo, ma anche viceversa creando qualcosa di molto importante, un’esperienza sonora corporea ed extra corporea unica e dolorosa, impressa nelle nostre sinapsi per un produttore unico non solo nel suo genere.

English version:

“Kotra comes from the battered Ukraine, lives in Berlin and offers a very deep electronic sound that breaks down many genre barriers.

His latest work Radness Methods, released by Prostir, is a concentration of techno, dark ambient, Ebm and much more. Kotra’s sound is a physical space where in a space-time dilation we find many things, from pain to aggression, non-linear forms of musical sounds that intersect with noises and generations of machines that find an outlet.

One of the main points of Kotra’s poetics has always been to push the limits of both the body and the mind through even annoying sounds, and in fact Radness Methods is an often disturbing record, which takes up the lesson of Throbbing Gristle in giving annoyance and never leaving the listener indifferent, both for good and for bad. Kotra does not produce music that can be innocuously experienced as entertainment or leisure, his production is rather a scalpel that cuts deep, cutting through flesh and bone, right down to the juicy marrow.

In some tracks the sound saturation reaches very high levels, filling the space and the listener’s ears. The production is very good and structured in a different way than the average consumer electronic product, here there is nothing to consume, only to have this experience that can be painful, but that brings much more than it takes away.

Almost a shamanic experience, a sound tribe that goes beyond the common doors of music to arrive directly at those of perception.

There are moments, as in the beautiful Quantum Presence, where the basses are fists of cosmic giants directly inside the earth, at its very heart, and a very high intensity is reached, a continuum of peaks and sensations.

Kotra is a human experimenter, in the sense that he explores his own limits and those of others confronted with a music that it is difficult to call such, but which is a breath of other worlds, a Martian grammar that belonged to us but that we have forgotten, focused on our small and petty things.

A record that takes the brain and binds it to the body, but also vice versa, creating something very important, a unique and painful corporeal and extra corporeal sound experience, imprinted in our synapses for a producer who is unique not only in his genre.