A new Kotra album is out!

Writing of Radness Methods came up from the ancient ideas of ritual drum music and rhythmic meditation techniques, where a ritual sound performance appears as a series of abstract sonic actions, rather than musical events, provoking a journey to non-ordinary states and realities, drumming a way into silence.

By layering deafening sounds into the patterns of acoustic hyperventilation, Radness Methods initiates a flow of invoking contrasting conditions and offers an artistic method of extreme urban meditation, and a fierce sonic driver for the ultimate sledgehammer dance.

Kotra “Radness Methods” CD

Radness Methods is a shamanic ritual for the sorcerers of concrete and asphalt, an ecstatic hymn for the philosopher warriors debating the power over life and death. Blazing anthem of excellence for the no one who is just anything.

Kotra “Radness Methods” CD

And here is what Dmytro says about this release today:
“Music was written last year, especially for a live performance in Dnipro in Ukraine, and at first, I wanted to release it very fast. But for some unknown feeling, the process was delayed a few times and I decided to let it go and set a release date for Spring 2022. And now I have to release the album in the middle of this war with russia.

One of the unwritten parts of this album’s concept was about unlimited and free radical living while staying light and creating light with every act of our lives. The subtitle of the album, which appeared two months before this war, says “Blazing Anthem For The No One Who Is Just Anything”, now reveals its abstractly encrypted meaning of an absolute and total fight for the light.

It is not a good or easy time for music today, but life must win, and no matter how hard it is now, we have to go on.

Since the 24th of February all the money from all our sales at Prostir we are donating to Ukrainian self-defense foundations, as well as to various charities, and directly to our friends who are on the front line today. The same will be with this album – all sales will be sent to help Ukraine to win and stay free.

Slava Ukraini!

The album is here: