A message from Dmytro Fedorenko

Dear friends,

With this corona-panic and closing and canceling of everything, many artists who actually do depend on their live shows as their main or only income, are really in trouble. Canceling of one month fees would hurt anyone. Artists are not being compensated for these cancellations. There is no company who would pay artists their fees no matter what.Many artists are looking for a different type of support, but there is something obvious that could work right away. Here’s the idea you might consider for these days and weeks:If you planned to go to some event of an artist you love, and this artist’s gig was canceled, please simply go to artist’s personal Bandcamp and spend those little cash you planned for the door ticket and beer on simply buying a vinyl, cassette, CD or download. Buy one track! Nearly every artist has a Bandcamp, all money from these sales go directly to artist’s pockets. Don’t stream on Spotify, buy on Bandcamp today. Trust me, even just a few bucks matter.This is not an abstract thing now. Today you can really support music by doing something real, even if small but really real.Go, find your beloved artist’s Bandcamp and make an action!